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Since most of Liechtenstein's local dishes such as Hafaaab, stem from grandmother's time, they seldom appear on a restaurant menu today.
Another dish from the past, the Kasknopfle (tiny dumplings with cheese) is still served in some restaurants. Recipes of some of the most popular Liechtenstein dishes are included in the Gastronomy Guide.
In recent years, incidentally, Liechtenstein restaurants have, to a greater extent, added such genuinely original meals to their menus as for instance, Liechtensteiner Reuchteller, Alplerrosti, Geschnetzelte Schweinsleber mit Rosti, Bura-Topf, Kratzere mit Apfelmus, etc.

Historical and Traditional Restaurants

Gasthof Löwen, FL-9490 Vaduz MapPhotos(tel. 075/238 11 44, fax 238 11 45)
This historic and oldest inn in Liechtenstein dating back to 1380, with rooms renovated to preserve the original style (a la carte restaurant, Löwen-Torkel, Stöckler Saal, conference rooms, 7 hotel rooms, Löwen-Bar) is situated 300 m away from the center. Open-air restaurant in its own scenic vineyard.

Restaurant Torkel, FL-9490 Vaduz (tel. 075/232 44 10, fax 232 44 05)
The Torkel is situated in the princely vineyards. It is named after the big wooden wine-press from the 17th. century which is very impressive. Apart from French dishes the Restaurant Torkel also offers excellent wine and FL-champagne from the princely cellars.

Gasthous Engel, FL-9496 Balzers MapPhotos(tel. 075/384 12 01)
This restaurant is situated in the ancient village part of the southernmost community of Liechtenstein, Balzers, and is famous because of its simple, good food. Specialities: Geschnetzeltes mit Rosti, Bauernwurst etc.

Wirthschaft zum Löwen, FL-9488 Schellenberg MapPhotos (tel. 075/373 11 62)
This traditional restaurant with its original character is situated at one of the most beautiful vantage points in Liechtenstein, in the middle of a wonderful walking area.
Simple cooking with local specialities such as Kasknopfle (small dumplings with cheese), homemade Schwartenmagen (a sort of head cheese), etc.

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